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NFT Solutions


Tickets have evolved beyond mere keepsakes for scrapbooks. They can now serve as digital containers for various content, such as audio recordings of the corresponding event. Darkblock offers a platform for musicians, concert promoters, and event organizers to provide tangible benefits to ticket holders and discover innovative ways to generate revenue and engage with fans.

Metaverse & Gaming

NFTs provide a secure way to sell metaverse and gaming assets, eliminating concerns about unauthorized copying. With the NFT Unity plug-in, creators can easily sell assets for Unity-based applications and enable customers to automatically upload their NFTs' unlockable assets to the metaverse or game in real-time. This ensures a seamless integration of NFTs into virtual worlds and gaming experiences.

Content Creation

NFTs enable direct distribution of digital content, bypassing Web2 middlemen like Patreon, Udemy, OnlyFans, Substack, and YouTube. Creators can engage with their community on their own terms and explore novel monetization methods. This includes renting access to content and using Subscription NFTs for ongoing subscriber-only content, such as NSFW material, exclusive podcast episodes, or video lectures.

Comics & Books

Our platform allows you to sell your comic books, graphic novels, books, and audiobooks by securely locking them inside NFTs. This grants exclusive access and true ownership to your fans, eliminating the need for centralized token-gating platforms. With a simple content upload, our platform takes care of the rest, ensuring a seamless experience for both creators and fans.


Filmmakers are using NFTs for production funding but often rely on Web2 tools for distribution, including token gating and centralized file storage. Our solution leverages NFTs not only for crowdfunding but also for decentralized delivery of the finished film and additional extras. This ensures true ownership and eliminates the need for centralized platforms, providing a seamless and decentralized experience for holders.


Transform your Music NFT into a container for an entire unlockable album or reward your super fans with exclusive content like music videos, live show recordings, B-side tracks, lyric sheets, and concept art. All of this valuable content is securely stored as decentralized unlockable content, ensuring perpetual availability to NFT owners.