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About Flugelsoft

Flugelsoft is a leading blockchain software services company providing strategy and technology implementation services to start-up clients as well as traditional companies looking to re-engineer their existing business in the field of Engineering, Health-Care, Insurance, Media, Not-for-Profit, Real-Estate etc. If you want to move your Web2 application into Web3 – we are the team to get it going.

At Flugelsoft, we believe electronic media and exchanges are the next stage in the evolution of e-commerce and the predominant business model of the digital economy. Driving this belief is our vision and understanding of e-markets, essential to help our clients build innovative models and application to harness the potential.

Our team of developers incorporate highly scalable and adaptable component-based solutions with applications servers and integration servers to make robust solutions.

Our Mission:
To design and develop world class products and services in the field of Software Solutions to prospective customers at a reasonable Return on Investment.

Our Vision Statement:
To be a leader in design and development of software services with core competency in developing strategic Business solutions.

The foundation of vision is laid on:
A team of 25 highly efficient software professionals with Certified Programmers and Database Administrators. Management Team closely interacting with our Software professionals. State of the art Software Development Center at our Bangalore and Guwahati office. Continuous self-development through learning and benchmarking. Matured Quality Process and Delivery Mechanism.

Every corporate has a distinct working culture and philosophy. Some of it is written down and put up on walls within the organisation and some of it is unsaid but felt.

Team effort and all Team effort. This is our most recognisable quality.
As a corporate entity, our clients see us as hardworking, consistent and extremely swift in delivering quality solutions. A perception, we live up to and which we will carry all alon.


Kalyanjit Hatibaruah

Kalyanjit, a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from REC Kurukshetra(NIT Kurukshetra) 1991-95 and MBA from University Department of Management Sciences(PUMBA),Pune University, India, has more than 25 years of IT experience in different domains. He is well known Crypto Day Trader and a expert in Metaverse Adoption for brands and corporates.

His experiences includes setting up a ISP infrastructure network back in 2002 (He was the founding director of Trans Virtual Private Limited) for wireless and DSL internet including server farms for hosting, email, databases as well as VOIP servers.

Flugelsoft is on a constant quest for excellence and is therefore supported by a skilled team of experienced professionals who are equipped with the best support systems available in the industry. We have a great Tech – Finance global team working in different Web3 projects for global clients.

Contact us today to learn about Web3 and how you can benefit from it by getting in early.