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Data Warehousing | Flugelsoft - Affordable Software Services and Support Company based in India

Data Warehousing

Date Warehousing plays a vital role in defining and establishing a strategy for business. Data warehousing is used to examine various trends among the audience.The viability of business decisions is dependent on properly managed data. In absence of properly managed data, the data warehousing initiatives is bound to fail.

The data warehouse has a complex lifecycle.The data designer has to deal with data warehouse administrative processes. These processes are complex in structure, large in number and hard to code. The timelines must be met for the population of the data warehouse and contingency actions taken in the case of error. In case of errors the contingency actions should be defined.

Business Intelligence solutions powered by optimally designed Data Marts or Enterprise Data Warehouses address complex challenges, providing comprehensive and qualitative information. These solutions provide the sharp edge for the clients to extract the analytical aspect from their data and hence aid management decisions.

Our Intelligence team comprises functional and technology experts with deep understanding of the Business Intelligence Applications and technology architecture of Data Warehousing solutions. We, therefore, is able to provide you a unique blend of technical and business domain expertise through successful Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions.

Data Warehousing Project Phases : 

  • Feasibility Study.
  • Data Design Architecture.
  • Technology Interface Development.
  • Deploy functional Business Processes through the Technological Interface.
  • Deploy the Solution.
  • Support & Maintenance