CRM Developement

CRM Customization Services

In order to help a company to nurture their interactions with the customers and sales prospects, Customer relationship management system or just CRM plays a significant role .CRM customization involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize business process exactly in a way that the company idealizes. The overall goals are to find new customers in potential market yet retain the current loyal ones. CRM allows a company to keep track of customer activities, follow-ups, marketing campaigns, sales orders processing, inventory management, report and invoice generation.

Features of a CRM software:

Customer service and support
Sales force automation

• Business analytics
• Inventory management
• Social media

At Flugelsoft, we basically emphasize the customization of following CRM platforms:
SugarCRM Customization Services
Civicrm Customization Services
Vtiger Crm Customization